What is Microphone? How many types are Microphone?

In this post, you will know what is Microphone, its use and how many types are there?


What is Microphone?

You must have seen such videos on YouTube, in which a singer is singing a song standing in front of a device or you must have seen such a social gathering in which a politician is giving a speech standing in front of the device. Actually the device which is used by these people is called Microphone, which are of many types.

Along with the world, there are many companies manufacturing this device in India, which make different types of good microphones. Microphone is also known and recognized as mic and Mike . Let us get complete information about what is a microphone in this article

What is a microphone?

Microphone is known as the Input device of the computer. With the help of which sound is converted into electronic signal. If we have a mic available, then through this we can put the sound in the computer as well and not only this, it is also possible to speak and type in it.

The sound card is used to connect it with the computer. Mike is used to give speech in political rallies or on the occasion of 15th August or 26th January and apart from this it is also used for giving live performance.

With the help of microphone counted in the input device, any sound can be converted into electronic signal and not only this, any voice can also be converted into analog signal through mike.

Around the year 1876 , Emile Berliner did a lot of research with Thomas Edison and he was successful in inventing the microphone.

Microphone is used for the following functions:

  • Microphone is used for recording sound or for recording audio.
  • It is used for voice, video chatting and voice recognition.
  • It is used for giving speech in political rally.
  • It is used for giving speech in school.
  • It is used for music production, all sound engineering.
  • It is used for computer streaming and gaming.
  • It is used to transmit sound over long distances.

Types of Microphone

You must have seen that there are different types of mics and they work on different methods. We are dividing the mic into 3 types based on their method as mentioned below:


  1. dynamic microphone
  2. condenser microphone
  3. ribbon microphone

1. Dynamic Microphone 

If most of the mic is used by people, then it is a dynamic mic only because its main feature is that its design is very good.

It consists of a coil of metal which is attached to a magnet and has a thin seat called a diaphragm which is placed in front of the magnet and transmits the vibrations produced in the coil into sound waves.

This type of mic is considered to be very durable and does not require electricity to use them, as there are no wires in this type of mic.

2. Condenser Microphone

The one used by singers for singing is called a condenser mic. It is used for excellent sound recording. That’s why this type of mic is used when recording a song by the singer.

The sound is very clear in this. Every condenser mic has a front and a back plate and when the sound wave reaches the diaphragm, it is converted into an electrical wave. It requires electricity to run.

3. Ribbon Microphone

The ribbon microphone is known for its excellent quality. Inside them, there is a thin ribbon made of aluminum which works in the magnetic field.

The sound that comes from the mic creates vibration in the ribbon and a voltage is also generated in proportion to the speed of the vibration, which is sent as an electrical signal.

Apart from this, the type of mic also includes cardioid mic, bidirectional mic, and omnidirectional mic etc.

How does the microphone work

The microphone is first connected to the computer, which we often call connecting. To connect your microphone to the computer, you need to install soundcard and driver in your computer, but tell that if the sound card is not present in the computer, then you can also use USB mic.

When the mic is connected to the computer, then when we speak something on it, the sound wave generated by the words spoken by us collides with the diaphragm inside the mic, due to which vibration is generated and its Due to this the coil inside the mic also starts moving.

There is also a magnet inside the mic and when the coil is passed through the magnetic field, electricity starts flowing inside the coil. Explain that the amplifier is also connected to the coil, which amplifies the electricity that comes from the coil. This amplifier can send the sound anywhere such as a computer or loudspeaker.

Advantages and disadvantages of microphone

Advantages of Microphone:

  • The mics that are coming with the latest technology no longer require power supply.
  • Through these, the sound waves can be converted instantly.
  • Its price is not very expensive, it is very cheap.
  • Good quality mic easily tolerate high sound level pressure.

Disadvantages of Microphone:

  • There are some such mics which are very sensitive, in which they capture other sounds in the background as well.
  • More memory is needed when the sound file has to be stored.
  • The sound quality of low cost mic is not good.

Things to keep in mind when using the microphone

Whenever the microphone is used by you, then you have to keep the following things in mind. After connecting the microphone with the device, its testing must be done. For this, after turning on the power, you should repeatedly speak some words in it to see whether it is working or not.

When it is confirmed after testing it that it is taking sound, then the speed of desired sound should be controlled by sound and tone control. The mic should be kept at a distance of about 10 inches from your mouth. You should never blow into the mic by blowing air out of your mouth, as this affects its sensitivity.

If you upload videos on YouTube and want to earn money by uploading videos, then you should pay special attention to the mic, also you should pay attention to the quality of the video.

Along with improving the quality of the video, you should also focus on the quality of the audio so that whatever you say is clearly heard and easily understood by the people.

If you make videos on youtube by showing your face then you should use collar mic. It is located just below your mouth. So everything you say is heard clearly and the audience understands it at once.

If you make a video without showing face then you should use USB mic.


So what is a microphone? If we understand briefly what was mentioned above, then a Microphone is a device that works to capture audio. For this, it converts sound waves into electronic signals.

Hopefully, after reading this post, you must have understood what is a microphone?  , its use and how it works. If you have any questions or suggestions related to the post, then please tell in the comment section below.

In the end, if you find the post informative, then please do share it on social media, so that this information can reach other people through you.

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