What is computer mouse – types and who discovered it?

A small device that comes in our fist called a mouse is a very useful gadget. Had it been there, today the computer might have seemed incomplete because it also has its own place and without it might have been difficult to run the computer.

We have written this post on a computer mouse, which you will know what is the mouse? How many types are there? And also who invented the mouse?

With time, our computers and its related devices or gadgets are also getting advanced. Earlier we used to see very big mouse which had a big round ball at the bottom but now look how small and fast these computer mouse have become with time.

You must be aware that our PC has all the input devices such as keyboard, microphone, scanner, light pen, joystick etc. and computer mouse is also one of them. In this article, you will also know that in what works the mouse is used?

If you also want to know which is the best USB and wireless mouse for computer, then definitely read this post till the bottom, then you can make your decision and buy the top best computer mouse from Amazon or Flipkart. So let’s talk about work without delay.

What is mouse?

A computer mouse is an input device that we use for navigation on a computer or laptop, that is, with the help of a mouse, we can start or stop any program by clicking on it.

The shape of a computer mouse looks like a living mouse, hence its name has also been given to the mouse. This small device is equal to our palm, which we move by placing it on the mouse pad.

How many types of mouse are there?

Mouse comes in the following types

  • USB mouse
  • Wireless mouse
  • Optical
  • Gaming
  • Trackball (ball) mouse
  • Laser
  • Pen mouse
  • 3D
  • Mechanical
  • Ergonomic mouse

USB mouse

As the name suggests, this mouse comes with a USB cable that plugs into a PC’s USB port . It looks very simple to see, in which 1 or 2-meter-long USB wire is given. It does not require an external current, instead, it gets power from your computer itself.


It requires a pencil battery to power it from the outside as this mouse is wireless. To connect it to the computer, a USB receiver is required, which comes in the form of a small dongle.

This dongle is plugged into the PC, then the on button of the mouse is pressed. After this, the connection between the dongle and the wireless mouse is established through radio frequency.


Diodes are fitted at the bottom of this mouse which emit red light. When you move the optical mouse, the light source bounces off the mouse pad and sends a signal to the computer sensing the slightest movement, and thus the mouse cursor moves.

Gaming mouse

To play games in the computer, there are special types of mice which are addressed with gaming mouse. Talking about its specialty, in this you can control or set the sensitivity of the cursor. In this, you can reduce or increase the DPI of the cursor i.e. ‘ dots per inch ‘ according to your own.

Apart from this, gaming mouse are colorful and designed to look at, you can see in this photo.

Trackball (Ball) Mouse

It looks a bit strange and crooked in appearance and has a round ball attached to it. The trackball mouse is operated by keeping it in one place. To operate it, instead of moving the mouse, you have to rotate the ball attached to it, then its cursor moves on the computer screen.

A trackball mouse is also used for playing games on PC, apart from this, it also proves to be the best for those people whose hands are weak due to some reason. The ball present in it is rotated with the help of the thumb, while the rest of your hand and mouse remain fixed at the same place.


Laser light is installed at the bottom of this mouse instead of ordinary LED light, which senses the movement of the mouse and sends a signal to the computer. In appearance, it is also like an optical mouse, but because of the laser, it works more accurately.

Pen Style Mouse

This mouse also looks like its name, that is, it looks like a pen, but it works more accurately than other mouse. There are many buttons in it, according to which you can set the function of these buttons.

Apart from this, it has a high-precision optical sensor which can be adjusted up to 5/1 DPI. They automatically switch off when they are not in use. Pen mice come in both wired and wireless versions.


Talking about the features of 3D mouse, its design is completely 3D and this mouse has multi-axis (multi-axis) sensor, infrared light and sensor, accelerometer sensor.

3D mouse looks like

Most of this mouse is used for editing films in the film industry such as Hollywood, Bollywood. Apart from this, artist people use it for doing 3D designing in the game.

Programming and software making engineers also use this type of 3D mouse. Apart from this, architect engineers also use this mouse to give 3D shape to the house because many advanced features are given in it.

However, this mouse has to be setup according to its work and practice is required to run it.

Mechanical mouse

When we used to study in class 6 or 7, mechanical mouse used to be seen at that time, now these mouse have become a bit old, but it is not that they are not seen today, they are still used in some places. Is.

In fact, mechanical mouse is just like a normal mouse, but there is a metal or rubber ball in its bottom. When you operate a mechanical mouse, the ball in it rotates and the cursor on the computer screen also moves.

Ergonomic mouse

This mouse provides comfort to the hands as the ergonomic mouse has a special design. It has a curved depression on the left side and there are two or three small buttons.

People who work on the computer for a long time use only ergonomic mouse because it does not cause tension and pain in the palms.

Who discovered the mouse?

A person named Douglas Engelbart made a wooden rectangular mouse around the year 1960, which looked like a big box with a red button, and then patented it on November 17, 1970. took.

Let us tell you that Douglas Engelbart invented the first mouse with the help of his colleague William Bill English .

Which is the top 3 best mouse for computer?

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Whatever the shape of the mouse may be, all are used for navigation in the computer and the left and right click buttons are normally given in all the mouse. Some advanced mouse such as gaming, ergonomic, 3D and trackball mouse has some additional buttons whose function is set according to their task.

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