What is ATM , how to withdraw money from ATM  and How does ATM work?

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What is ATM, how to withdraw money from ATM  and How does ATM work?


In this post, we will know what is ATM and how to withdraw money from ATM and what is use an ATM machine, what are the benefits of ATM machines, and how an ATM machine works.

How to use ATM, how to withdraw money from an ATM machine and what to do to withdraw money, how to deposit money in an ATM machine and how to transfer money from ATM. In this post, you will get complete information about ATMs.

 What is ATM

ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is a special computer that makes it convenient to manage the money of the bank account holder. It allows a person to check account balances and withdraw or deposit money, print details of account activities or transactions, and even buy tickets.

The full form of ATM is Automated Teller Machine. This is such a machine that has simplified all the work done by your banks.

Now you do not have to stand in queues of banks to deposit and withdraw money from your account, just go to the ATM and withdraw money from your account comfortably.

ATM machine gives you convenience for 24 hours and you can withdraw money from them whenever you want. You can also get information about the money deposited in your account from this.

Think if you have to do the same work in the bank, then you will have to wait for the bank to open and close, you will have to stand in line and then you will be able to do all this.

You can get an idea of ​​how much convenience the ATM machine has given to people from the fact that to deposit money in a person’s account with the help of a bank, one has to go to his bank and deposit money in his account.

After that money is deposited in his account and it also takes a lot of time, but with the help of ATM machine, we can send money from your account to another person in no time.

How is an ATM card?

ATM Card is a card that is given by the bank to its customer upon opening an account in the bank and this is the card with the help of which you can use the ATM Machine.

So if you do not have an ATM Card (Debit Card), then you can go to your bank and get an ATM Card from your account. But if you do not have a bank account. So for that, you have to open your account in a bank first.

How to insert ATM card into ATM machine?

There is a special way to insert ATM in ATM machine. If you insert your ATM / Debit Card in the ATM machine in this way, then only your ATM will work, otherwise, your card will not work in the ATM machine. The reason behind this is a sensor installed in the ATM machine which reads every card. Just like the ATM machine has a sensor.

Similarly, there is a chip in the ATM card and just next to it there is a black strip which is coded magnetically. In this way, if you insert your ATM card from the chip side into the ATM machine, then your card will start working immediately.

That’s why whenever a card is inserted into an ATM machine, it should be inserted from its chip side.

Apart from this, nowadays it is written in all ATM machines or an image is made that how that machine can read your card, then you should follow the instructions given in that machine.

How do ATMs work?

It is very easy to operate an ATM machine, even if you do not know anything about ATM, you can operate very easily. To run the ATM machine, we are given ATM Cards, Debit cards by the banks, with the help of which we can run the ATM machine easily.

To use ATM, first of all, we have to insert our ATM Card into the ATM machine, and after that, we have to select the language.

At present, you will get English and Hindi language in every ATM machine, so if you do not know English then you can use ATM by selecting the Hindi language.

How to withdraw money from ATM?

To withdraw money from ATM machine, we can easily withdraw money deposited in your bank account from ATM machine with the help of ATM Card, Debit Card. You have to insert the card given by the bank in the ATM machine.

After that the language has to be selected. Now you will have to write the names of the facilities provided by the ATM Machine in front of you and there will be some buttons near those facilities, by pressing which you can use that facility.

Suppose you have to withdraw money from your account.

  • First, you insert your card
  • Now you will select the language
  • Now the names of facilities will be written in front of you on the screen like Withdrawal (money withdrawal).
  • You have to press the Bala button just near your convenience, after that, you have to enter the money, and how much money you want to withdraw.
  • Now you have to enter a code which is of 4 digits which are given to you by the bank.
  • Now your work is done, if you press the right button, then your money will come out of the machine.
How to put money in ATM?

In today’s time, where people have got facilities due to the increasing use of ATM machines, people are also getting new facilities through banks. Now in ATM Machine, you get the facility of depositing money as well as withdrawing money.

But this facility is more available in cities because ATMs are used more there. The machine for depositing money from an ATM is slightly different from the machine for withdrawing money.

In this, you can only deposit money, you cannot withdraw, and you have to use a different machine, you can use both machines with your ATM Card and Debit Card.

How to transfer money from ATM?

How many ways you can use the ATM machine, hardly you would know about it. ATM Machine gives you the facility to transfer money from one account to another.

Using this you can put money from your account to any other account or any other person’s account and it has become so easy to do that you can transfer money in no time.

Just to transfer money, you should know the number written on the other person’s ATM Card, Debit Card, without the number you will not be able to transfer money.


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Full Form of ATM

The full form of ATM is “Automated Teller Machine

What is the meaning of ATM

ATM is an automated teller machine that can automatically dispense currency, that is why we call it an automatic currency dispensing machine.

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