how to Easily Transfer eSIM to Pixel 8 with Google’s Tool


Transfer Your eSim More Easily to Your New Pixel 8 With Google’s Official Tool

Introduction to eSIM and Pixel 8

The newly released Google Pixel 8 comes with an embedded SIM card, also known as eSIM. This allows you to activate mobile service without having to insert a physical nano-SIM. However, transferring your existing eSIM from an old device like the Pixel 7 to the Pixel 8 can be a hassle. Thankfully, Google provides an official eSIM transfer tool to make the process smooth and easy.

Challenges of Transferring eSIM to New Phones

In the past, transferring eSIM to a new phone required contacting your carrier and providing device IDs and confirmation codes. This manual process could take hours or even days to fully transfer service. With the Pixel 8, you would have had to deactivate the eSIM on your Pixel 7, then activate it again on the new phone. This meant dealing with customer service and temporary service disruptions.

Google’s Official eSIM Transfer Tool for Pixel Phones

How the eSIM Transfer Tool Works

Google’s eSIM transfer tool is built into the Pixel phone setup process. It communicates directly between your old Pixel phone and new Pixel 8 to migrate your cellular plan and data. All you need to do is have both phones available, connect to WiFi, and follow a few simple steps.

Advantages of Using Google’s Tool

The eSIM transfer tool makes switching Pixel phones incredibly straightforward. It only takes a few minutes, requires no carrier interaction, and prevents service interruptions. Plus, you don’t have to worry about losing any data or dealing with complex device ID verification. The automated process also avoids human errors that could occur with manual eSIM transfer.

Step-by-Step Guide to Transfer eSIM to Pixel 8

Back Up Your Pixel 7 Data

To begin, back up any data on your Pixel 7 that you want to transfer. This can include contacts, photos, apps, and messages. You can back up to Google Drive or use a wired connection to transfer local files.

Set Up Your Pixel 8

Power on your new Pixel 8 and connect to a WiFi network. Follow the setup prompts to add your Google account and customize the phone to your preferences.

Run the eSIM Transfer Tool

When you reach the “Connect to mobile network” screen, select “Transfer your eSIM from another phone” rather than setting up a new cellular plan. The Pixel 8 will search for your other Pixel device. On your Pixel 7, approve the eSIM transfer request.

Verify Transfer and Activation

Once the eSIM is copied over, the Pixel 8 will activate service on your existing cellular plan. Verify that it was transferred properly by making test calls or texts and checking your data connection. Enjoy your new phone number on your new device!

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Tips for a Smooth eSIM Transfer

Update Software Versions

Make sure both your old Pixel and new Pixel 8 are updated to the latest software versions. This prevents compatibility issues.

Have Both Phones Available

The eSIM transfer process requires both devices to be on and connected. Keep your Pixel 7 handy during the Pixel 8 setup.

Connect to WiFi

To enable communication between the two phones, connect them to the same WiFi network. The eSIM transfer occurs over WiFi.

Frequently Asked Questions about eSIM Transfer

Here are answers to some common questions about transferring eSIM profiles:

Can I transfer eSIM between different phone models? Unfortunately, Google’s transfer tool only works between Pixel devices. Moving between other phone brands still requires contacting carriers.

What cellular data is transferred? The eSIM profile, including your phone number, plan details, and any stored contacts, is copied over. Actual cellular data like messages are not transferred.

Is a WiFi connection required? Yes, WiFi is necessary to allow the transfer tool to communicate between your Pixel phones.

How long does it take? The eSIM transfer process only takes 2-5 minutes when done over WiFi. It’s a very quick migration.

What if something goes wrong? Don’t worry if you run into errors. You can always reboot your phones and start the eSIM transfer again. Contact Google support if issues persist.


Google makes it incredibly simple to migrate your eSIM and cellular plan from an older Pixel to the new Pixel 8. Their official eSIM transfer tool automates the process so you can get your new phone up and running quickly. Just remember to back up your old phone, connect both devices to WiFi, and follow the prompts. Let the automated transfer handle the carrier work for you! Enjoy your upgraded Pixel experience.


Q: Is the eSIM transfer tool only for Pixel phones?

A: Yes, the automatic eSIM transfer process is currently exclusive to Pixel devices. Google designed it specifically to work between Pixel models.

Q: Can I transfer eSIM if my Pixel 7 uses a physical SIM card?

A: Unfortunately no – both your old and new phone would need eSIM capability to utilize the transfer tool. It cannot convert physical SIM to eSIM.

Q: Will the eSIM transfer work on mobile data instead of WiFi?

A: Google recommends using WiFi for the process. Mobile data is not reliable enough for the constant communication required between devices.

Q: What cellular carriers support eSIM on Pixel 8?

A: Major carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon support eSIM activation on the new Pixel 8. Check carrier compatibility before purchasing.

Q: Do I need to back up data if I’m keeping my Pixel 7?

A: If you plan to continue using your Pixel 7 as a secondary device, you don’t necessarily need to back up data. But it’s still a good precaution.

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