How to sell photos online and earn money? online photo selling

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 How to sell photos online and earn money? online photo selling

Do you also want to earn money by selling photos online? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Today I will tell you how to sell photos online? There will be many of you who are fond of capturing photos or are experts in taking photos.

If you are an expert in this, then you can easily earn money sitting at home by selling a lot of photos online. After reading this article, you will get complete information about how to sell photos online? In today’s time, many people are earning money online while sitting at home.

Earlier, a photographer had very limited ways to earn money and also had to work hard for it. But today smartphones and the internet have made this task easy. Today not only a photographer but also a common man can earn money by taking photos from his smartphone. Let us talk in detail about the topic of online photo selling.

How to sell photos online?

  • First of all, take a good-quality photo from your mobile or camera.
  • After that, create an account by registering on the photo-selling website mentioned below.
  • Upload the photo taken on the website.
  • Enter the title and hashtag while uploading the photo. So that your photo appears in the search.
  • When someone downloads your photo from the website, you will get paid for it.
  • You will get your money through the online payment as per the rules of the website.

Which is the online photo-selling website?

There are many websites available on the internet. Where you can sell your photos. After a lot of research, I have provided some photo-selling websites in front of you. Which is completely reliable and this website is very secure, in this no other person can tamper with the money you have earned, and also the photos uploaded by you cannot be used without paying money.


This is an American photo-selling website which is very famous. Its founder is John Oringer and its CEO is Paul J Hennessey. Its headquarter is located in New York.

At present, on this website, you will find more than 200 million pieces of music, images, editorials, photos, footage, sound effects, vectors, templates, etc.

After uploading the photo on this website, the number of times people will download the photo, the more money they will get. A photo ranges from 0.4$ to 95$.

Now let’s talk about how to do photocells in this. To sell photos online in this, you have to become a contributor. In order to become a contributor to Shutterstock, you have to register. And the important things have to be filled in correctly here.

Adobe Stock

Like Shutterstock, this is also a very popular website. You must have heard the name Adobe, they make photo and video editing software. Perhaps you must have used Photoshop or some other software because its software is very popular.

To sell photos on Adobe, you will have to create a contributor account and fill in the necessary things in the form. While uploading photos in it, you have to follow its guidelines, otherwise, your account may get blocked in it.

If you sell photos in it, then you get 20% to 60% of the money for one download. And its biggest advantage is that you can upload the photos uploaded in it to other photo-selling websites as well. And can earn money from that website too.


This is India’s most popular and largest online photo-selling platform website. Its founder is motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari. You must know about Sandeep Maheshwari ji. His Motivation YouTube channel is in first place in the whole world.

To sell photos in ImagesBazaar, you have to send some portfolio/samples. When your sample is approved by the Imagesbazaar team then you become eligible for contributor and you can sell your photos to more than lakhs of people from this website.

50% of your revenue is given from this website. To sell photos in this, the megapixel of your camera should be at least 12 MP and your images should be RGB and high jpg quality.


This is also an online photo selling website like other photo-selling websites. In this also you can sell your original photo. Its best thing is that it gets approval quickly, compared to other sites, here you do not have to worry much.

To sell photos in this, you have to go to the Alamy official website and click on the option of Become a contributor here. After that, a blank form will appear in front of you. The necessary things have to be filled in correctly.

Here you can sell your photo to 110,000 people. In this, you get 50% off all your photo sales.

iStock Photo

This is also an online photo-selling website. Its headquarters are located in Canada and its founder is Bruce Livingstone. If you want to earn money by selling photos online, then the website can prove to be a good option for you.

In this, millions of photos are sold and bought every day. To sell photos on iStock, you have to register in it. During the register, the required thing has to be filled in correctly. After that, you can upload the photo in it. In exchange for downloading your photo, you get paid. If your money becomes 100$ here you can withdraw it.


This is the most popular photo designing website on the Internet, in which you can easily design any photo. The reason why Canva is popular is that it is very user-friendly, anyone can use it. While this is not the case with other photo design software like Photoshop.

Canva gives people the option to design photos as well as sell photos here. From where people can earn money by selling photos. People know Canva only as an image editing tool, but very few people know that photos are also sold in it.

If you are thinking of selling photos online, then Canva is the best option, there are more chances of selling because Canva is used in 179 countries.

To sell photos in Canva, you have to become a contributor, for this, you have to sign up for it, and after that you have to upload your sample in it. Your sample goes into review and a few days later you are contacted.

When your uploaded image is used in Canva, you get paid in return. You can upload photos, animations, stickers, and videos to Canva.

Can I sell photos online from mobile?

It is not necessary for online photo selling that you should have an expensive DSLR camera. You can also sell photos taken from your mobile.

Nowadays good cameras are available on mobiles even at low prices. And you can do all this work from your mobile as well. You don’t have to use any other device to sell photos online.

Many people have this question in their mind, can we download photos from Google and sell them?

Let me tell you, you cannot sell photos of any other person. The image taken by you should be unique and original. Many people are experts in designing animation photos. If you can design animation photos. So you can sell that photo, you will not have any problem in it, just the design must be yours.



Q. । How much can you earn by selling photos online?

Ans – Normally you can earn from 5 to 25 rupees on each download. It completely depends on the website uploaded. To earn more you have to upload more and more photos.

Q . Can I sell by taking photos from my mobile?

Ans –  Yes! You can also sell photos taken with your smartphone’s camera online.

Q .  What types of photos sell more?

Ans -For this, you have to do some keyword research that what kind of images are searched more on Google.


Friends, today we have learned in this article how to sell photos online and how to earn money by selling photos? I hope you must have liked this article. If you want to give any information about this or want to ask questions, please do comment.

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