What is Facebook Group and how to create Facebook Group 2023

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What is Facebook Group and how to create Facebook Group – 2023

How to create a Facebook group 2023: In today’s post, we are going to know what is a Facebook group and how to create a Facebook group 2023.

As you all know that Facebook is one of the most popular social media in the whole world.

This is the reason that people spend most of their time on Facebook today. Millions of people remain online on Facebook every minute in 24 hours. If we talk about the users of Facebook, then more than Million it has now been converted into Billion.

Now from this, you can guess How big is Facebook’s social media networking site?

If you also do any work online or you have any business or services offline, then now you can reach not only thousands but millions of people all over the world through Facebook Community i.e. Facebook Group.

Now how can you make your business and services accessible to millions of people on Facebook for free, we are going to share this information in this entire post.

Therefore, you are requested that if you want to know what is Facebook Group and how to create Facebook Group, and grow any of your business or service through Facebook Group, then definitely read this post of ours.

Only then you can understand it easily and get the benefits of Facebook Group i.e. Facebook Community for free.

So let us come to our main issue.

What is Facebook Group

First of all, before knowing Facebook Group, you have to know what is Group? And how does it work?

Group means. the group is called that where there is a group of more than one person i.e. crowd, it is called a group.

There are millions of people on Facebook and also there are millions of groups. Along with this, all the people are associated with some or the other group according to their interests.

For example, if someone is interested in business, then he is associated with a business group, someone in education, someone in cooking, someone in technology, etc. there are groups on different topics.


Similarly, if you also have a business or you provide any online or offline services, then you can create a group on Facebook related to that topic. Also, in those groups, you can add a person who is interested in that subject, this will mean that the person who needs services from that subject can buy from you, that is, you can create online customers for your business for free.

Let us understand it and its benefits easily.

Benefits of Creating a Facebook Group

There are many benefits of creating a group on Facebook, let us try to know them in detail.

1. You can create your own group on Facebook for free, that is, you can create it absolutely free of cost. Facebook doesn’t charge you for creating a group.

2. Through Facebook Group, you can reach your Businesses and Services to people all over the world.

3. You can grow your business very soon through a Facebook group.

4. Wherever your business is, in any location, you can easily provide your services to your Real Customer.

5. In Offline, you can create only a limited number of customers, while through Facebook Group you can create Unlimited i.e. Unlimited Customers.

6. When you have a Facebook Group, then your customers themselves come to you, and not you go to the customer.

7. The biggest thing is that you can get so many benefits for free, no one from Facebook charges you.

How to Make a Facebook Group 2023

Let us now learn to create our own Facebook group on Facebook.

1. First of all, open the Facebook app from your mobile.

2. Now log in with your Email / Mobile number and Password.



1. Now you will see a three dot mark on the right side of Facebook, click on it.

2. Now the option of Groups will be visible below, click on it.

3. Now a Plus Icon will be visible in front of your Groups, click on it.


Now at the bottom of your screen, there will be 2 options shown which will be written – Create a Post and Create a Group. Whatever you are, click on the option of Create a Group.


1. Name Your Group Here you are being asked to name your group, so whatever name you want to keep, you can keep it here.

2. Choose Privacy In this option, you select the privacy of your group. Privacy means whether you want to keep your group public or private, select it.

Public – By choosing this option, your group becomes public, which means any person can post, comment, like, or share in that group.

Private – By selecting this option, your group becomes private, so no one can post, etc. in your group without your permission.

Select the privacy of the group according to you.

3. Now click on the option of Simply Create Group.

Congratulations! 😊 Now your group is ready and a message will be showing on your screen which will say ‘Your Group has been created

4. Invite Members Now from here you can invite people to join your group. Click on the Invite option next to the name of the person you want to invite to your group and invite him.

If you want to invite a person whose name is not showing, then you can invite your friends by searching their name in the Search for Friends box.

Now again click on the option of Next.

5. Add Cover Photo – Now in this option you are being asked to put the cover photo of your group.

You click on the option of Upload Cover Photo and upload the cover image from the folders of your gallery and tap on the next one.

Now Cover photo has also been added to your group.

6. Describe Your Groups Now in this option you have to write a description of your group means to write about your group in short.
Which topic is your group related to and what information is shared in this group?

After writing the description of the group, tap on Next again.

Now you click on Finally Done. Congratulations! Now your group is ready as well as you have also completed the setup of the step by Step Group .

What is a Facebook group and how to create a Facebook group? You would have liked it.

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