What is E-shram Card and How to Make E-shram Card – 2023

What is the E-shram Card and How to Make E-shram Card – 2023

What is E-shram Card and how to make E-shram Card? Friends, if you also want to get complete information about E-shram Card, then you are at the right place. Friends, today I am going to give you complete information about E-shram cards in detail in this entire post.

Like – What is E-shram Card and How to make E-shram Card?  , What is the method of making an E-shram Card? , What benefits of making an E-shram Card? ,  From where is E-shram Card made?

I am going to give you the answers to all these questions in this post. That’s why friends, you are requested to please read this post of ours completely. Only then you will be able to get all the information about the e-labor card. So let us move ahead in our post.

What is E-shram Card

Friends, E-shram Card is a type of labor card, you already know about the Aadhaar card, and in the same way, this card also appears. However, both the Aadhaar card and E-shram Card mean that E-shram cards will be made for all the laborers in our country.

Let us tell you that the main objective of this E-shram Card scheme being run by the government is to collect the list of all the working-class people in our country.

Apart from this, let us tell you that our government is preparing a list of all the laborers in our country who work in unorganized sectors. Friends, I would like to tell you that when your E-shram Card is made, then you get the direct benefits of whatever government schemes come through your government.

By direct benefit, I mean whatever data you have. He has gone to the government through E-shram card.Along with this, your bank account is also with the government and whenever the government implements any scheme, its benefits will come directly to your bank account.

 Benefits of E-shram Card

If we talk about the benefits of E-shram card, then there are many benefits that are going to be available to the laborers.

  • When you make your E-shram Card and for some reason, if any incident happens to you then you will get 2 lakh rupees. That is, the government gives accident insurance of 2 lakhs to E-shram card holders.
  • When you get your E-shram Card made, then you get all those benefits of the government immediately, in the meantime, no middlemen can come.
  • E-shram Cardholders can also get a pension in the future pension scheme.
  • In E-shram Card, you can get financial assistance to build a house or you can also get the benefit of a housing scheme.
  • After the e-labor card is made, let us tell you that you can easily take advantage of the loan given by the government in future.
  • You can also get 500 rupees a month for financial assistance. Let us tell you that all E-shram Card holder laborers in the state of UP have already received Rs.500 per month.
  • If any employment comes in the future by the government, then, first of all, you will get information about it and along with it you will also get employment opportunities.

E-shram Card Eligibility

Friends, I want to tell you who can take the benefits of E-shark cards and which people can get their E-shram Card made.

  • Let us tell you that only those people who work in unorganized sectors or do daily wages can take advantage of E-shram Card. If you do a government job or are a businessman, then you cannot make your E-shram Card.
  • Apart from this, people who are registered members of ESIC and EPFO ​​cannot make their E-shram Card.
  • If you come under the category of migrant laborers, laborers, manual laborers, laborers working in MNREGA scheme, etc., then you can definitely make your e-labor card.
  • If you come under theE-shram card holder, then you can get the food grains provided by the government for much less money than the rest of the common people.
  • To take advantage of all the schemes available in the labor card, it is mandatory to have a labor card. If your labor card is not made then you can make your E-shram card online by visiting E-shram Portal.
  • Every laborer can take advantage of all the new schemes run by the Central Government and the State Government.


 Which laborers can take benefits of the E-shram Card?

  1. manual laborers
  2. farm laborers
  3. Agricultural laborers come under the poor category.
  4. house labor
  5. Laborers working on roads etc.
  6. People selling vegetables.
  7. People who set up carts in a village or city etc.
  8. Laborers working in brick kilns etc.
  9. Carpenter who works with wood etc.
  10. Milkman or cowherd who sells milk etc.
  11. Small buyers – business people.
  12. A painter who paints in houses etc.
  13. electronics repairman

 Documents required to make E-shram Card

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Aadhar Card Linked Active Mobile Number
  3. Bank Account Details
  4. Minimum Age 16 Years
  5. Maximum Age Required 59 Years
  6. Indian Labour

 How to Make E-shram Card 2023

Friends, it is very easy to make E-shram Card. To make your E-shram Card, you have to go to your nearest CSC center, by going there you can get your E-shram Card made by giving the necessary documents.

If you do not want to go to your nearest CSC center or shop, then you can apply online by yourself by visiting E-shram’s government website.

Let us tell you that along with your PC, Laptop, you can also apply online for E-shram Card through your mobile. To apply for E-shram Card from Mobile, you must first go to E-shram’s government website.

 How to apply for E-shram Card from Mobile  ?

  1. First of all, open the Google Chrome Browser on your mobile.
  2. After this, search by typing https://register.eshram.gov.in in the browser or open it by copying this link and pasting it into the browser.
  3. Now you can see that the website of E-shram’s Government Portal has been opened in front of you.
  4. Now you will get to see many options below. First of all, you will see an option at the beginning of REGISTER On e-Shram, click on it.
  5. After this, a new page of E Shram’s registration will open in front of you.


  1. In the topmost option, you would have been given information about all the necessary documents required for registration. If you want to read it then you can read it otherwise you can skip it.
  2. Now below you will see the Self Registration Form, in this, I am telling you how to fill the form.

E-shram Card Online Registration 2023

  1. Aadhaar Linked Mobile Number is Preferred: In this option, you have to enter your mobile number which is linked to your Aadhaar Card.
  2. Enter Captcha: Here you have to enter the captcha in this box option, you will see the captcha behind the box, if the captcha is not visible properly, then you can enter the new captcha by clicking on the Reload option.

Now you will see some options at the bottom, and the option will appear like this.

Are you a member of

  1. Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO)
  2. Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC)
  3. You have to select No in both of these options. If you choose the option of Yes out of these two, then your Esharm Card will not be made, so you choose No.
  4. Now finally you will see the option of Send OTP below, click on it.

Now another new page will open in front of you, in this, you will see the option of entering OTP, here you enter the OTP which has gone in the message on your mobile.

After entering the OTP, click on the option of Submit.

Step 3.

Now another new page will open in front of you. In the first option, the option of Aadhaar Number will appear, in this, you enter your Aadhaar Number.

In the Second Option you will see 3 options Fingerprint, iris, and OTP if you have Finger Device and you want to do your registration through Finger Device then you can select the Fingerprint option.

If you do not have any fingerprint device available, then select the option of OTP. Remember that on selecting the OTP option, OTP will go to your mobile number, so you must keep your mobile with you.

Enter Captcha Now you have to enter the Captcha here just like before.

Now at last, you have  then ” I agree to the terms and conditions for….”  In the option, you will see the option of click, click on the right and click on the option of submit.

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