How To Earn Money From Winzo 2023

How to earn money from Winzo ? – The trend of online gaming has increased a lot in India, which you can play on mobile or laptop, do you know that you can earn money by playing sports, if you do not find this to be true, then we can tell you many mobile There is a gaming app using which you can earn money sitting at home.

WinZo App is one of the online earning gaming app where you get a chance to earn money with the game every day. If you are really thinking about earning money from online games, then this WinZo game App is the best for you. app is

winZo is such a money earning app where you can earn thousands or lakhs of rupees in a day and you can transfer the earned money directly to your bank account, would you like to know or not? What to do to download this gaming app.

We will give you the answers to some such questions through this article, which will help you to earn WinZo App online Paise.

Through this article, we will tell you  What is WinZo App?, How to Install WinZo App on mobile , how to create an account in Winzo App, and how to earn money from Winzo Gold. We are going to give complete information about how to earn money from Winzo App and withdraw money from Winzo App.


First of all know what is WinZo App? What is WinZo App – WinZo App is a type of mobile online gaming platform where you can earn money while playing games, there is no limit to earn money in a game, the more you play, the more money you will win.

You get more than 100 games in a gaming app like cricket, Ludo, FreeFire. You can win lakhs of rupees by playing the game in which you are a good player.

WinZo App has been downloaded by 3 million in a very short time, which is a huge user base for any app.

It is available in about 8 languages ​​(Hindi, English, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu, and Bengali). You can also start playing games by installing WinZo App in your own language and can win money just like people, now we will know further what is the way to install WinZo App.

How to Install WinZo App ?

If you are looking for winzo app or winzo app gold on play store then you will not find it because google does not add app to earn money from gaming app in play store list. You can install WinZo App through Browser.

2 ways to download WinZo App in mobile

  1. Install by receiving SMS on mobile
  2. Download WinZo App via Barcode

First method :- Install WinZo App by receiving SMS on mobile

downloading WinZo App, follow the steps to install –

  1. To download WinZo App on Mobile, open it on the browser
  2. Search winze game in the google search box
  3. Now you come to the official website of WinZo App (WinZo App Official website)
  4. By clicking on you can reach the direct WinZo App game website
  5. Here you enter your 10-digit mobile number
  6. You will receive an SMS to download WinZo App on your mobile, download it by clicking on the link given in that SMS.
  7. If WinZogoldApp has been downloaded then install it on mobile.

Second way: – Through Barcode


If no SMS is received in the first method, then you can scan the barcode of winzo app from mobile and download winzo app and install it on mobile, this method is very easy.

If you have installed winzo app on your mobile, then go ahead and know what is the way to create an account in WinZo App.

How To Create Account on WinZo Gold App

Creating an account in WinZo App is very easy, you can create a WinZo App free account here without any problem, by following the steps given below , create a WinZo App  account –

  1. After installing WinZo App on mobile, open WZ App.
  2. After that, you select your language and click on the “Continueoption.
  3. Now you have to enter 10 digit mobile number.
  4. After entering the mobile number, click on the “Send a Code”  option.
  5. A call will come for mobile number verification, verify your mobile number by receiving it.
  6. Now you click on the option with “Apply Referral Code”.
  7. The last step – After entering your name, your account will be created in WinZo App.

How To Earn Money From WinZo App | WinZo Gold

If you have installed the winzo app in your Android or iOS device and you have also completed the registration, then in this section you will know how to earn money from the Winzo app and what are the ways to earn money from the Winzo app.

As we have already told WinZo App or WinZo gold is an online gaming app where you will be able to earn money by playing online, here you get to play more than 100 games online, now you have come to know completely about WinZo App. |

How to earn money from WinZo App? It is very important for you to know that there are many ways to earn money from WinZo App, we have told some of these methods here, read it completely and pay attention to the ways to earn money online by playing games.

Ways to earn money from Winzo app: – You can earn money by playing Fantasy Game and by telling your friends about WinZo App, you can also earn money from their referral link. Can win even amount.

9 ways to earn money from WinZo App :-

1. WinZo App Earn Money By Playing Fantasy Game

Fantasy Game are those games in which you can play by making your own team, there is no limit to win in this game, you can also play it on Fantasy Game winzo app and transfer the won amount to your bank account.

Option of Paytm and UPI is also available to transact money in WinZo App.

Some or the other contest goes on on winzo app, you can participate in it anytime. There are many games like Winzo app Fantasy Game, Dream 11, My 11Circle etc. The way you play a team in My 11Circle, similarly, you in too WinZo App Can play games by forming a team.

One can earn lakhs of rupees from Fantasy Games in a day.

2. Earn money from WinZo App by playing World War Game

To play World War Game on WinZo App, you have to create a team. World War Games includes the most popular games like bubble shooter and fruit samurai and stupid birds.

To participate in the World War Game, at least 2 rupees is required, even if you lose in this game, you still benefit because of the amount that your team wins. So the total amount is distributed equally to the entire team.

3. Earn money by Spin on WinZo App

If you do not want to earn money by playing games on WinZo App, then you can also earn by Spin on WinZo App, but you do not get much money from spin, but you can win rewards by spinning every day. Which is a better option than playing games.

This is like a daily task. After winning the reward, you can convert it into money. And can also transfer to your bank account.

4. Earn money by referring WinZo App

WinZo App works like affiliate which is also called referral program of WinZo App. This is the best way to earn money from WinZo App.

In this, you will get a referral link from winzo app, you also get money by sharing this link with your friends.

You can take the help of social media – facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, etc. to earn money from the referral link of winzo app.

Whenever you share the referral link, people download WinZo App by clicking on that link. Due to which you are given cash app bonus, this cash app bonus can be up to 100 rupees.

1 referral link = 100 Rs

20 referral link= 100 X 20 =2000 Rs daily

5. Earn money by completing “ Daily Task ” on WinZo App

You can earn a good side income from “Daily Task” on winzo app. These tasks are simple and easy. On winzo app, you will get daily a new task which you have to complete on the same day.

After completing all these tasks you get points in the form of money, Winzo can give you any kind of task. For example, sharing with your friend will give you 10 points and you can get many such daily tasks.

6. Earn money by playing games on WinZo App

  1. Free Fire GameFree Fire Game is a shooting game. In this game you can talk to your partner along with playing. In this game, there is a task to eliminate the enemies from one place to another and in front. This is a very fun game.
  2. Ludo KingLudo is the most popular game played in India. It can be played both offline and online. But you can also earn by playing the game of WinZo App Ludo King. In this game 2, 3, or 4 players can play together. This game is very simple and easy. Ludo game can be played by children, elders, or elders.
  3. Cricket – Cricket game is very much liked all over the world. But playing cricket offline can be difficult. But you can play cricket online on WinZo App and also win money. Playing cricket online is very easy.
  4. Bubble Shooter – There can be no easy game like this, whenever you play this game, you will not know your time, in this game you have to burst the bubbles. Bubbles are of many colors, in between you also get bombs to burst the bubbles. Which make a game even easier.
  5. Basket Ball – If you are a master in this game then no one can win from you. In this game, the ball has to be put in the basket, which increases your points. These points lead you to victory. The more baskets, the better the chances of your game.
  6. Fruit Samurai – Fruit Samurai online game If children like it very much, then you can understand. If children can play this game then adults can also play it. And you can also earn money by playing sports. In this game, you have to cut the fruits, as many fruits you cut, you will also get points, and you will be able to convert all these points into peso.
  7. Pool –   pool is an interesting game. In which the ball has to be hit with a stick and put in the hole. Playing pool offline can be too expensive for many people. But playing Pool in WinZo App is very simple, you can take as many points as the ball goes into the pocket.
  8. Carrom – You can also play Carrom in WinZo App. You must have played this game a lot in your childhood. Now you can play this game online in WinZo App. And can also earn money from here.


In WINZOBAAZI you can win a huge amount, in this game you can play games like Ludo and Rummy by investing money, you will get to play many types of games here like Teen Patti, Casual Sports, Cricket Games, Battle Games, Racing Games, Car Games, Action Games, etc.

8. Earn money from Winzo TV

Now everyone wants to earn money with entertainment, so in this section, we will tell you. Earn points by watching videos on Winzo TV and converting them into money.

In winzo game app, you can play games and earn money as well. If you cannot earn money by playing games, then there is a unique way to earn money from Winzo TV. Earn money along with entertainment from Winzo TV.

Instead of watching videos, WinZo App gives you some Points. Which can later be converted into points and transferred to the account.

9. Earn money from Promotion

To earn money from promotion, you have to follow the official social accounts of Winzo Games. Along with the promotion of Winzo Games, you also get money to promote other game apps.

With the promotion of games, you also get a cashback offer, which you can withdraw from Paytm.

How to Add Money in WinZo App

WinZo App has given the option of Wallet for money transactions. Here you can add payment from debit card or credit card or any UPI.

To add money to WinZo App, click on Wallet. Then click on add money and choose the way to add your money.

How to withdraw money from WinZo App

In this section, you will know how to withdraw money from WinZo App: – To withdraw money from WinZo Application, there must be at least 3 rupees in your winzo app account.

You get many options to withdraw money from WinZo App such as – Paytm, UPI, and Bank Transfer.

To withdraw the won money from WinZo App, click on the Wallet option and transfer the money to your bank account.

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